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LORISIAN Food Intolerance Test 100 will indicate if you are in the 45% of the population that react adversely to foods that they eat, which whilst not life threatening, can have a massive impact on someone’s quality of work and home life.

The way that food can affect our everyday life is often difficult to explain and it is common for people to try and eliminate foods from their diet to help themselves feel better. Often they don’t know which foods to try and eliminate and have to guess. Many people don`t know that identifying food intolerances can be an important element of optimising health and wellbeing.

There are many symptoms of food intolerance including asthma, abdominal pain, acne, bloating, constipation, depression, diarrhoea, eczema, fatigue, headaches, rashes, rhinitis, sinusitis, urticaria, weight loss and weight gain.

LORISIAN has over 30 years’ experience, specialising in laboratory tests that measure food triggers (food-specific IgG antibodies). The results offer a fast track or starting point for an elimination diet. The tests are aimed at those that may have food intolerances and those who want to optimise their diets by avoiding any foods that they are reacting to.

Our test does not make a medical diagnosis nor is it a substitute for health or medical advice.

If you have a medical condition you should seek a qualified healthcare practitioner. 

What does this test for?
Barley, Corn (Maize), Gliadin (Gluten), Oat, Rice, Rye, Wheat.

Cows Milk

Beef, Chicken & Turkey, Lamb, Pork, Duck.

Crustacean Mix (Crab, Lobster, Prawn/Shrimp), Mollusc Mix (Mussel, Oyster & Scallop), Oily Fish Mix (Herring & Mackerel), Plaice & Sole, Salmon & Trout, Tuna, White Fish Mix (Cod & Haddock).

Asparagus, Avocado, Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Haricot Bean, Kidney Bean, Lentils, Lettuce, Mushroom, Mustard Mix (Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage & Cauliflower), Onion, Pea, Peppers (Capsicum) & Paprika, Potato, Soya Bean, Spinach, String Bean.


Apple, Apricot, Banana, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Grape, Kiwi, Lemon, Lime, Melon Mix (Watermelon, Honeydew & Cantaloupe), Olive, Orange, Peach, Pear, Pineapple, Plum, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tomato.

Almond, Brazil Nut, Cashew Nut, Coconut, Hazelnut, Peanut, Walnut.

Spices / Herbs

Chilli Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Herb Mix (Coriander, Cumin & Dill), Mint Mix (Mint, Sage, Basil & Thyme), Parsley, Sesame Seed, Vanilla.

Cocoa Bean, Coffee, Egg White, Egg Yolk, Hops, Sunflower Seed, Tea, Yeast (Brewers & Bakers).

What's involved?
To undertake the test you simply prick your finger for a blood sample with the equipment included in the pack and send it off to the LORISIAN Laboratory in the pre-paid envelope (customers outside of the UK will need to pay postage). You will receive the test results within 1-2 weeks* from posting to the laboratory using an easy to interpret traffic light system showing which foods you should avoid, those you should limit and those which are fine. This is accompanied by a explanatory letter, a guidebook along with a helpful advice sheet should you have an intolerance to any of the four more complex food types - yeast, dairy, egg or wheat/gluten.

Once your results have arrived you are encouraged to seek advice from a nutritionist to help you optimise your diet and advise on when the foods may be reintroduced into your diet.

* Results may take longer than 1-2 weeks for customers outside of the UK.

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