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Dubbed the “superfood of the Andes”, Maca is popular amongst the indigenous population of the Peruvian Andes. Cultivated in spring, Maca is a small root vegetable from the maca plant grown at altitudes over 3500 metres. Traditionally integrated in the nutrition of natives, the Maca root has evolved into a modern day “superfood”. Maca has a rich malty flavour that combines well with cacao, another “superfood”. A complete protein, Maca provides 19 amino acids, 4 different alkaloids, 20 different fatty acids, an abundance of calcium and an assortment of vitamins including C, E, B1 (thiamine) and B2 (riboflavin). Raw Maca roots are cultivated on a 5 year rotational method without the use of pesticides. Our maca is a mixture of 4 different roots: 25% red, yellow, purple and black offering a unique nutritional profile. Hand selected for the best quality, the Maca root is cleaned in natural water. Once dried the Maca root is ground into a fine powder and packaged. Organic Maca powder is certified organic by the Soil Association under the code GB-ORG-05.


1. Vitamins

Maca is rich in vitamin B vitamins, C, and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids.

2. Sexual function

Maca has long been used to promote sexual function of both men and women. It’s thought to boost libido and increase endurance. It has also been used to balance the hormones and increase fertility. Note the these benefits are anecdotal.

3. Women’s health and mood

Maca has been used to relieve menstrual issues and the side effects of going through menopause. Some women have used it to alleviate cramps, body pain, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, and depression. Like the benefits of #2 above, these are anecdotal and shouldn’t be used in place of consulting with a practitioner. If you are pregnant or lactating you should avoid taking maca.

4. Energy

Some have experienced an increase in energy level within days of beginning to use maca. It is also known for increasing stamina. Many athletes take maca for peak performance. If you find yourself tired much of the time, experiment with maca to see if it helps. Just a small amount could be exactly what you need for a boost! An increase in mental energy and focus has been reported by users of maca, as well.

5. General health

Maca helps your overall health in a number of ways. It supplies iron and helps restore red blood cells, which aids in avoiding anemia and cardiovascular diseases. The nutrients in maca may help to keep bones and teeth healthy and help heal wounds more quickly. When used in conjunction with a good workout regime, supplementing with maca may help to increase in muscle mass.

Be very cautious if you have a cancer related to hormones, like testicular and ovarian, among others. If you have liver issues or high blood pressure you should ask your doctor or practitioner before taking maca.

6. Skin

Many people take maca for skin issues, as for some people it helps to clear acne and blemishes. Another benefit that some users have experienced is that it decreases skin sensitivity. In hot or cold weather, maca may help skin withstand extreme temperatures.

7. Mood balance

If you find yourself overcome with anxiety, stress, depression or mood swings, maca may help alleviate these symptoms, though the evidence for this is anecdotal..

100% Organic Maca Root
5g per day. Please consult your doctor before taking any nutrient-dense products. Store in a cool, dry place.


Energy 1526 / 361 kJ/kcal

Protein 14.3g

Carbohydrate 64.3g

   of which sugars 32.1g

Fat 3.6g

   of which saturates 0g

Fibre 7.1g

Salt 0.045g

Vitamin C 285mg

Riboflavin 0.4mg

Niacin 5.7mg

Vitamin B6 1.1mg

Potassium 2000mg

Calcium 250mg

Iron 14.8mg

Copper 6mg

Manganese 0.8mg

Alanine 625mg

Arginine 991mg

Aspartic Acid 914mg

Glutamic Acid 1562 mg

Histidine 219mg

Glicine 682.1mg

Isoleucine 471mg

Leucine 907mg

Licine 542mg

Phenylalanine 549mg

Proline 3.9mg

Serine 504mg

Tirosine 302mg

Vitamin C 285mg

Riboflavin 0.4mg

Niacin 5.7mg

Vitamin B6 1.1mg

Potassium 2000mg

Calcium 250mg


Copper 6mg

Manganese 0.8mg

Alanine 625mg

Valine 789mg

Organic Maca Powder is 100% natural and do not contain any additives such as sugars, acids, colorants, preservatives, etc.

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